The way we work

Our Services

Our role will be designed to match your needs and be aligned with delivering results.

For the duration of the project we will become part of the team with responsibility to create the plan and deliver the results.

· Turnaround services
· Profit improvement
· Interim management
· Cash management
· Working capital improvement
· Restructuring



Performance improvement projects

We can work on an advisory or hands-on basis depending on the client’s circumstances.

In all cases we will agree an appropriate team which will involve one or more of the Icknield team plus the relevant managers from the client. If the project requires specialist skills (e.g. supply chain) Icknield will introduce experts from its network.

Turnaround projects

Our services are often the difference between the survival and the failure of an organisation, so it is essential for us to work inside the client organisation alongside existing company personnel. Consequently, for the duration of projects, members of the Icknield team usually assume relevant executive responsibilities.

Engagements are with the client organisation, and our duty of care is to our clients, but we work closely with all stakeholders and their advisors to develop solutions that will deliver a better future for the client.